Mice Control and Extermination

Mouse Control
Complete Pest Control have been successfully managing mice control to domestic and commercial customers alike for many years. Mouse extermination when there is an infestation doesn't come easy, so you are better to call in the experts to get mice infestations under control and eradicate the mouse problem. Mice are extremely adaptable and change their behaviour patters to fit in with their environment. House mice eat just about anything including human food, pet food and even their own faeces which often carries the bacterium that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis). People are more tolerant of mice than rats, but mice are one of the most troublesome pests in the UK.

Do not think of mice as the nicer version of rats, they can carry the same diseases as rats and are much more likely to transmit these diseases due to their bolder and more inquisitive nature. In much the same way as rats, their constant gnawing causes structural damage to properties and damage to wires is a very real fire risk.

Mice Prevention

House Mice Extermination
Preventing an infestation of mice can be achieved by rodent-proofing your home. However, if an infestation of mice is already present we have a wide variety of methods of control & treatments which includes rodenticide grains, a variety of killer baits as well as a range of humane traps and live catch traps. Once the infestation is under control we will advise our customers what actions they can take to minimises the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

Some of the more common species of mice in the UK are: House Mouse, Harvest Mouse, Yellow Necked Mouse, Dormouse or Hazel Mouse and the Wood Mouse. The kinds of mice won't be important to you, what is important to your home or business is to eradicate the problem!

Why use Complete?

We have been successfully fulfilling pest control contracts for both commercial customers and individuals for over 15 years and are committed to using humane pest control measures wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we use best practice guidelines with regard to the safe usage of rodenticides and / or other toxic substances we use as part of our pest control regime.

We are accredited members of both the British Pest Control Association and the National Pest Technicians Association, so you can be assured of a high level of service from Complete Pest Control.

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