Ant Control

Removing and Controlling Ant Problems


Ants are the number one problem in the UK as they are nasty and intrusive. The garden ant is one of the most common insects that invade our homes and property in search of food. They often nest outside under paving, in walls and in the grass and shrubs. Ant control and removal of ants in the home is one of the most common problems especially in the summer months.

Worker ants build and maintain the nests. Female ants lay eggs that produce in April which is why you see many more ants in Summer months.


Flying ants are the reproductive male and female ants and they reproduce by swarming and flying in the air. The female then detracts to her nest for the winter months, before a new wave of working ants emerge from her nest the following Spring.

While most ants do not pose a significant health risk to humans, some species of ant tend to inhabit grubby areas and may carry diseases on their bodies. As well as this, fire ant stings can cause severe allergic reactions, including chest pain, nausea, severe sweating, loss of breath, serious swelling, and slurred speech, and it can be fatal if not treated.


Food sources must be protected if you have an ant infestation in or near your home. Take all precautions until we get there, and you can call us for advice if you are unsure what to do. We are here to help with ant pest control and will advise you in any way we can.


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