What is extreme cleaning?

Monday 23rd May 2022

5 minute read

What is considered 'extreme' by cleaning companies? With hoarders, drug dens, bio-hazardous material, and general dirt to clean up across the UK, we talk to an extreme cleaning specialist to discover more about extreme cleaning and its difficulties.


The definition of extreme cleaning

Whilst there's no definition in dictionaries for extreme cleaning, Collins dictionary defines Extreme as: very great in degree or intensity; and Cleaning as: the job or activity of keeping a place clean.

Extreme cleaning, also referred to as heavy-duty cleaning or deep cleaning, is a type of professional cleaning that goes well beyond regular cleaning. It is usually performed by professionally trained and experienced cleaners equipped with the essential tools and products to complete the work quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, safely.

Extreme cleaning, decontamination, and waste removal of extremely soiled, contaminated, or otherwise filthy property or land can be done in a commercial, industrial, or household setting. Extreme cleaning can be used on both the inside and outside a building.

What an expert extreme cleaner says…

Graham Hickman from extreme cleaning services company Complete Environmental Services explains, "No two days are the same for extreme cleaning requests with no two situations being identical. However, they share a few common attributes, and the main similarity is that there are often biohazards involved. This means only fully trained cleaning crews should attempt to tackle it. Needles from drug use, raw human sewage, animal faecal matter, blood or other dangerous waste is commonplace - clients must avoid disturbing the site as the dangers to their health are numerous."

What types of extreme cleaning are there?

Extreme cleaning can take several forms, and the type of clean necessary will vary depending on the situation. The following are some of the most popular forms of extreme cleans:

  • End of tenancy extreme cleaning: When a tenant moves out of a property, professional cleaners usually do this. It entails a comprehensive cleaning of the entire property, including the carpets, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places.
  • After party cleaning: As the name implies, this form of deep cleaning is frequently required after a party or other event where a lot of filth and rubbish has been left behind.
  • Hoarder house cleaning: This is a specialised type of thorough cleaning that is frequently required when a home has been neglected and is overrun with waste and rubbish. It can be a challenging and complex form of cleaning, so seek professional assistance if you find yourself in this scenario.
  • Crime scene cleaning: When a property has been the scene of a crime, another form of specialised extreme cleaning is required. It's a delicate and sensitive operation, so you should get professional assistance if you've been the victim of a crime and need the scene cleaned.
  • Void property cleaning: This is frequently required when a property has been vacant for a long time. It includes cleaning the entire property, including the carpets, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Drug den cleaning: This is a kind of deep clean frequently required after a property has been used as a drug den. It entails a complete cleansing of the entire premises and the disposal of bio-hazardous debris, such as needle sticks and other drug-related paraphernalia.
  • Sewage cleaning: This is typically required when there has been a sewage leak or spill. It entails cleaning up all contaminated places and removing all contaminated materials. As any raw sewage waste is dangerous, special equipment is needed to decrease the risk of infection, and trained professionals should only undertake this work.

What's the difference between extreme cleaning and deep cleaning services?

When a property is exceedingly dirty and cleaning it alone would increase the risk of becoming contaminated by hazardous items, business owners and individuals generally require extreme cleaning. On the other hand, deep cleaning is limited to removing filth and entrenched dirt. With this in mind, you could deep clean an oven, but this isn't always necessary.

What should I do if I suspect I need an extreme clean?

If you think you require an extreme clean, it's essential to contact a professional cleaning company as soon as possible. The type of cleaner you need will vary depending on the circumstances, but you generally want someone who has completed similar work before.

How can an extreme cleaning company help?

An extreme cleaning company will first do a site visit, which can be completed remotely by video call or on-site. Before they start working, they'll need to analyse the situation and give you a quote for the work that needs to be done. Graham goes on to say, "Because every extreme clean is different, it's only fair to both the customer and the cleaning company to price each cleaning job on its own merits. The extent of the clean, its geographical location, the property type and the hazards involved will all affect the cost of the extreme clean."

How do I get a quote for my extreme clean?

Top tip: Before contacting a professional cleaning service, make sure you understand the scope of the problem. For example, the cleaning business will want to know the following:

  • Where is the property located (what's its postcode)?
  • What type of property is it (a garage, three bed House, hotel etc.)?
  • Is the clean for the internal or external of the property or both?
  • How many rooms are there to be cleaned?
  • Is there vehicle access to the property (big enough for a 7.5-tonne van)?
  • Are you the owner of the property or the contact?
  • Is anyone living or working in the property?
  • Who will be billed for the work?
  • Are there any limitations on accessing the property (times of the day/days of the week)?
  • How quickly do you need the clean completed (do you have a timescale in mind or upcoming dates where it must be completed by)?
  • Do you have any pictures of rooms that require cleaning?
  • Can you describe the extent of the required clean?

What should I look for when searching for an extreme cleaning company?

Recommendations for individuals: While it may not be easy, you may know of a friend or coworker who has been in a similar scenario to you. Speaking openly with them about who they utilised and how happy they were with the company's service should give you an excellent understanding of the organisation.

Search engines: If you're not in the area where services are needed, search engines can provide you with a long list of potential suppliers from which to choose. Use the following terms in your search:

  • Extreme cleaning company
  • Extreme cleaners
  • Biohazard cleaners

Remember to include the clean's location, such as 'Extreme cleaning Oxford' for results in the Oxford area.