Emergency Vehicle Decontamination

Complete Environmental Services provide a service for the decontamination of emergency vehicles in the UK such as police cars, ambulances, cars used in the veterinary sector, fire trucks and any other vulnerable vehicle.

This will remove the risk of infection after a blood and/or body fluid spill as part of the cleanup service.


Our service has also been designed to eliminate contaminants in severe cases where there has been a patient or individual with confirmed Tuberculosis (TB), C.Diff, Norovirus, E.coli or HIV.


We are all equipped with the latest cleaning technology, the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment and have had the highest standards of training and care. Everyone at Complete Environmental Services is experienced and takes this kind of work very seriously and each job we do will be tailored to you and your needs.

We are passionate about preventing the spread of disease and keeping first responders healthy.


Our teams know that dangerous bacteria can grow in any corner, so we cleanse and sanitize every nook and cranny to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Our professional vehicle deep cleaning and disinfection service focuses on decontaminating internal and external touch points, such as steering wheels and door handles.




Cleaning ambulances and police cars requires great attention to detail due to the numerous tiny areas that are difficult to clean.


Biohazards can remain hidden in areas which can cause odors if they are not discovered and thoroughly cleaned. As well as cleaning and disinfecting visible signs of biohazardous materials we thoroughly check the vehicle, to clean blood and body fluid matter that may not be clearly visible.


We have a proven vehicle decontamination process track record which uses leading industry technology for restoration and to ensure a vehicle’s cleaning is maximised in the most timely and cost effective way.

How can we help?

We take pride in providing an excellent service to all our clients, where they are commercial customers or domestic customers and can tailor our offerings to suit the requirements of the individual client. Complete Environmental Services offer a UK wide emergency callout service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to the whole of the UK.

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