Police Cell Decontamination

We provide a service for decontaminating police holding cells, custody areas and prison cells, where the risk of infection is high. As these areas are often the scene of traumatic and unsanitary incidents they can harbour harmful bacteria leading to widespread infection and disease.

In the UK custody sergeants are responsible for the welfare of those who are arrested, which includes providing a hygienic prison or holding cell.


Sometimes detainees perform “dirty protests”, which often involves them defecating, urinating or vomiting in the cell they’re residing in without using the appropriate facilities.


Blood, urine, faeces and vomit need to be removed immediately and the area disinfected safely to provide a hygienic and safe environment to both the police personnel and criminal inmates. This will help reduce the risk of infection as these bodily fluids can harbour infectious diseases.


We have a team of highly trained individuals to ensure procedures relating to decontamination and the removal of any biohazard materials are done correctly in full accordance with current health and safety, government and COSHH procedures.




Our team also works rapidly and thoroughly and gets the job done to the highest standards.


All of our experts are equipped with the tools and knowledge to quickly, efficiently and professionally clean all major and minor biohazards. We will dispose of all tangible hazards and fully disinfect the affected and surrounding areas, leaving no trace of the incident.


We adhere to strict standards of confidentiality so that our clients have peace of mind that our work is safeguarding their reputation as well as the health and safety of their staff and the public.


We understand the pressures of this environment and work with you flexibly to minimise disruption, using state-of-the-art infection control technology with a 100% decontamination guarantee.




We also have experience delivering services including: decontaminating and deep cleaning crime scenes, vehicles, cells, protest sites. Our police sector cleaning specialists are on call 24/7 providing rapid response to any situation.


The police benefit from our speed and efficiency in getting to the address quickly, freeing up officers from the site so they can complete other tasks.

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