Fly Tipping Clearance

Complete Environmental Services offers a specialist rubbish removal service for individuals and commercial customers. We can take care of illegal fly tipping, also known as illegal dumping, which is a problem in the UK that is causing issues for businesses and local authorities.


Fly tipping in public areas cannot be tackled by the public as there could be needles, syringes or other hazardous materials amongst it.



Fly tipping and rubbish left in business locales can be devastating to trade and needs to be dealt with by professionals.


We dispose of all waste responsibly and in full accordance with current guidelines and best practice procedures.


How can we help?

We take pride in providing an excellent service to all our clients, where they are commercial customers or domestic customers and can tailor our offerings to suit the requirements of the individual client. Complete Environmental Services offer a UK wide emergency callout service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to the whole of the UK.

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