Needlestick Removal

Complete Environmental Services provide a service for the removal of needles, and syringes, which local authorities often encounter in bins, toilets, public areas such as parks, empty properties and other hidden places inhabited by drug users. Blood borne viruses like HIV and Hepatitis are often carried by intravenous drug users, which means having contact with the needles they have used can have very serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences. Needlestick pickups must be controlled and carried out by a professional company like Complete Environmental Services.


Drug paraphernalia such as hypodermic syringes or sharps, scalpels, razor blades and any number of other items that may cause lacerations is a risk to the general public as they have the potential to be exposed to these blood borne viruses.



The safe removal and disposal of these is a potentially dangerous undertaking not to be taken lightly.




We have a team of highly trained individuals to ensure that sharps removal and needlestick pickups are done correctly in full accordance with current Health and safety, government and COSHH procedures.

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We take pride in providing an excellent service to all our clients, where they are commercial customers or domestic customers and can tailor our offerings to suit the requirements of the individual client. Complete Environmental Services offer a UK wide emergency callout service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to the whole of the UK.

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